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Math 350 – Lab Chapter 2 – Descriptive Statistics Printed Name: Lab Objectives Learn to create and save an SPSS data file. Learn to open an existing SPSS data file. Learn to analyze data using SPSS Frequency procedures. Learn to create a box-plot using SPSS Graphs. Learn to read and interpret SPSS output. The Experiment Roll 2-six sided dice, one black and one white, 30 times summing the results after each roll. Record these thirty observations (the numbers from 2 - 12) as well as the individual numbers on each die. 1. Create an SPSS data file of the data you collected and call it “dice.sav” with variable names Black, White, and Sum.
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Unformatted text preview: Enter appropriate numbers for each variable. Change the “Decimals” to 0 (after all we’re dealing with integers). 2. Use SPSS to calculate the following statistics about your dice: (a) The mean, ¯ x = . (b) The standard deviation s = . (c) The Mode = . (d) The five number summary: Min = , Q 1 = , M = , Q 3 = , Max = . (e) The IQR = . 3. Use SPSS to create a boxplot. 4. Potential outliers: . Please attach all SPSS output to this sheet. Dr. Emmert Summer 2011 I of I Points Earned...
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