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Math 350 – Lab Chapter 5 – Continuous Distributions Printed Name: Checking Normality of a Distribution A Normal distribution is a statistical distribution in which data are represented graphically by a symmetrical bell-shaped curve, with the highest frequency in the middle and smaller frequencies towards the edges. Checking the Normality of the distribution of a variable is very important because many statistical tests require the normality as a prerequisite. There are several ways in which you can use SPSS to assess the normality of a distribution: The simplest method of assessing normality is by producing a histogram. The most important things to look at are the symmetry and the peak of the histogram. A normal distribution should be represented by a bell-shaped curve. Another method of assessing the normality of a distribution is by producing the Normal probability plot, P-P or Q-Q plot. For a Normal distribution, the probability plot should show a linear relationship. The points should fall close to
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Unformatted text preview: the line if the distribution is normal. Objectives of This Activity Create a Histogram Graph of a Given Variable Using SPSS Displaying the Normal Curve on the Histogram Using SPSS Assessing Normality of a Variable Distribution Using Q-Q Plot Use Normality Tests. Standardizing a Variable Using SPSS. 1. Open the data set babyBoomData.sav. 2. Assess the normality of the weights of babies using all three methods (histogram with normal curve, a Q-Q Plot, and Normality Tests). Does the newborn weight appear to be normally distributed? Explain. 3. Find the mean and standard deviation of the weights of newborns. 4. Standardize the weights of the newborns. How many babies are further than 1-standard deviation from the mean weight? If any exists, nd their weight and determine how many deviations from the mean they are. Please attach all SPSS output to this sheet. Dr. Emmert Summer 2011 I of I Points Earned...
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