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Math 350 – Lab Chapter 8 – Two-Sample Inference Printed Name: Objectives of This Activity Use SPSS to perform Two-Sample Inference. Problem 1 One method for assessing the bioavailability of a drug is to note its concentration in blood and/or urine samples at certain periods of time after giving the drug. Suppose we want to compare the concentration of two types of aspirin (types A and B) in urine specimens taken from the same person, 1 hour after ingesting the drug. Ten people are randomly assigned one of the drugs (A or B - type is randomly determined) and the concentration is measured. One week later, they are given the other drug and the concentration is again measured one hour later. The results are shown below. Person Aspirin A Aspirin B 1 15 13 2 26 20 3 13 10 4 28 21 5 17 17 6 20 22 7 7 5 8 36 30 9 12 7 10 18 11 Choose an appropriate two sample test to determine if there is a difference in the mean concentration. Report enough
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Unformatted text preview: information to convince me you know what you’re doing. Problem 2 In a study of the lizard Sceloporis occidentalis , researchers examined field-caught lizards for infection by the malarial parasite Plasmodium . To help assess the ecological impact of malarial infection, researchers tested 15 infected and 15 non infected lizards for stamina, as indicated by the distance each lizard could run in 2 minutes. The distances (in meters) are shown in the table below. Infected 16.4 29.4 37.1 23.0 24.1 24.5 16.4 29.1 36.7 28.7 30.2 21.8 37.1 20.3 28.3 Noninfected 22.2 34.8 42.1 32.9 26.4 30.6 32.9 37.5 18.4 27.5 45.5 34.0 45.5 24.5 28.7 Do the data provide evidence that this malarial infection is associated with decreased stamina? Do a complete write up. Be sure to justify the use of whatever test you decide on. Dr. Emmert Summer 2011 I of I Points Earned...
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