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Math 350 – Lab Chapter 10 – χ 2 Printed Name: Objectives of This Activity Use SPSS non-parametric procedure to perform Goodness of fit test. Use SPSS Cross-tab procedure to perform test of independence. 1. A report on dental patients with temporomandibular (jaw) joint dysfunction (TMD) was published in General Dentistry (Jan/Feb. 2004). a random sample of 60 patients was selected for an experimental treatment of TMD. Prior to treatment, the patients filled out a survey on two nonfunctional jaw habits – bruxism (teeth grinding) and teeth clenching – that have been linked to TMD. Of the 60 patients, 3 admitted to bruxism, 11 admitted to teeth clenching, 30 admitted to both habits, and 16 claimed they had neither habit. Test whether the percentages associated with the admitted habits are the same. Use an α = 5%. Hypothesis ( H 0 and H a ) Test statistic p -Value Conclusion 2. A standardized procedure for determioning a person’s susceptibility to hypnosis is the Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale, Form C (SHSS:C). Recently, a new method called the Computer-Assisted Hypnosis Scale (CAHS) has been
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