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Math 350 – Lab Chapter 11 – Linear Regression Printed Name: Objectives of This Activity Use SPSS to create a scatter-plot of the relationship between two variables. Use SPSS to test the significance of the linearity of the relationship. (i.e. significance of the slope of the regression line) Use SPSS to find the coefficients of the linear regression model. 1. Open the data set “brainAndBodyWeight.sav”. 2. Create a scatter-plot to investigate the relationship between the brain and body weight. Assume that the explanatory
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Unformatted text preview: variable (independent or x ) is body weight. 3. Find the regression line that models the relationship between age and number of credit hours. 4. Interpret the slope of the regression model. 5. Do you think the linear relationship is significant? Explain. Please attach all SPSS output to this sheet. Dr. Emmert Summer 2011 I of I Points Earned...
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