notes - ldf FC=group-bonds-lone e’s Lattice=kq1q2/r 2...

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AX2 linear 180˚ AX2E bent 120˚ AX3 trig. planar 120˚ AX4 tetra 109.5˚ AX3E trig.pyra. <109.5˚ AX2E2 tetra.bent <109.5˚ AX5 trig.bipyra. 90,120˚ AX4E see-saw 90,120˚ AX3E2 T-shape 90,120˚ AX2E3 linear 90,120˚ AX6 octa 90˚ AX5E sq.pyra. 90˚ AX4E2 sq.planar 90˚ Hbond N, O, or F +IMFA,+surf.tens,+viscosity,+BP/MP ion-ion h-bond iondip dipdip = dipinddip
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Unformatted text preview: ldf FC=group-bonds-lone e’s Lattice=kq1q2/r 2 +charge,-radii=+energy ‘overwater’ P H2 =atmos-vapor n T = P H2 V/RT λ=[(3.29x10 15 )(1/nB 2-1/nA 2 )] MW=dRT/P limiting mols A ,mols B eqn. mols A [mols B /mols A ]=mols B needed comp. w/ calculated mols B...
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