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quiz 3 gas review extra problems

quiz 3 gas review extra problems - Quiz 3 extra problems...

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Quiz 3 extra problems for review: This material was taken from Martin Silberberg’s “Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change” 2 nd edition for educational purposes only. Do not redistribute this material. 1. An apprentice of Boyle finds that the air trapped in a J tube occupies 24.8cm 3 at 1.12 atm. By adding mercury to the tube, he increases the pressure on the trapped air to 2.64 atm. Assuming constant temperature, what is the new volume of air (in L)? 2. A 1-L steel tank is fitted with a safety valve that opens if the internal pressure exceeds 1.00x10 3 torr. It is filled with helium at 23 C and 0.991 atm and placed in boiling water at exactly 100 C. Will the safety valve open? 3. Blimps are being considered for use as freight carriers. A scale model rises when filled with helium to a volume of 55.0 dm 3 . When 1.10 mol He is added to the blimp, the volume is 26.2 dm 3 . How many more grams of He must be added to make it rise? Assume constant temperature and pressure.
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