Charge producer-proof plane

Charge producer-proof plane - Instruction Sheet for the...

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Instruction Sheet for the PASCO Model ES-9057B CHARGE PRODUCERS AND PROOF PLANE 012-07144A 5/99 $1.00 © 1994 PASCO scientific Introduction The PASCO ES-9057B Charge Producers and Proof Plane are electrostatic components for use with additional equipment from the PASCO Electrostatics System ES-9062B. The two charge producers are used to generate equal positive and negative charges by contact. The proof plane can be used to measure charge density on a charged object. The Charge Producers The charge producers consist of two wands, one with blue and one with white material attached to a conductive disk. Briskly rub the blue and white surfaces of the two charge producers together. The disk with the white surface will acquire a positive charge; the disk with the blue surface will acquire a negative charge. Rub the white surface of the one charge producers against the proof plane. The white disk will acquire a negative charge, while the disk of the charge producers will acquire a positive charge. better teach science ways to Phone (916) 786-3800 • FAX (916) 786-8905 • web: 10101 Foothills Blvd. • Roseville, CA 95747-7100 ® • If a zero charge is desirable, discharge the charge producers by touching the conductive disk and handle to ground. To be sure the disk and handle is fully discharged, gently breathe
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Charge producer-proof plane - Instruction Sheet for the...

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