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PASCIO-Charge sensor - Instruction Sheet for the PASCO...

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Instruction Sheet for the PASCO Model CI-6555 CHARGE SENSOR 012-06991A 5/99 $1.00 © 1999 PASCO scientific Introduction The CI-6555 Charge Sensor measures voltages from sources where the total amount of available charge is very small, for example, many electrostatics experiments. It is essentially a voltage amplifier with extremely high input resistance. Whereas a typical digital multimeter has an input resistance of 10 megaohms (10 7 ohms), the Charge Sensor has an input resistance of at least 10 12 ohms. Coupled with a ScienceWorkshop ® Computer Interface, the Charge Sensor can be used as an electronic version of the familiar laboratory electroscope. Unlike the traditional electroscope however, the Charge Sensor can make quantitative measurements as well as indicate charge polarity. Equipment INCLUDED • Charge Sensor (CI-6555) SUGGESTED ACCESSORIES: • Faraday Ice Pail (ES-9042A) • Charge Producers and Proof Plane (ES-9057A) • Conductive Spheres (ES-9059B) • Power Supply (ES-9077) ADDITIONAL REQUIRED PASCO ScienceWorkshop Computer Interface (300, 500, 700, or 750) gain switch zero switch BNC/alligator cable 8-pin DIN connector amplifier box
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Charge Sensor 012-06991A 2 Setup Procedure 1. Insert the 8-pin DIN plug into analog input A, B, or C of the ScienceWorkshop Interface box. Note that the Charge Sensor will plug directly into the interface box (Figure 1a), or an extension cable (CI-6516, available separately) may be used (Figure 1b).
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PASCIO-Charge sensor - Instruction Sheet for the PASCO...

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