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Dr. Goderya: Physics 105 1 PHY 105 College Physics: Class Section 10 Lab. Section 510 Syllabus- Tentative 01/15/12 * Due to other commitments, I may not be available on some office hours. Please call me and make appointments. Class Web Page : The syllabus and other relevant material can be accessed through the class web page. Course This is an introduction to electricity, magnetism and optics. It is a trigonometry-based physics course for students majoring in either biology or a pre-professional field. Student Learning Goals: 1. Acquire conceptual knowledge of electricity, magnetism and optics, and the role these topics play in their choice of careers by way of applications and examples. 2. Acquire mathematical and analytical problem solving skills: Using trigonometry, algebra and geometry. Drawing suitable diagrams, identifying relevant concept and setting up problems algebraically to synthesize equations to determine the unknowns, and to check the validity of answers (does it make sense) in correct units. Be able to solve problems that involve multiple concepts, including those learned in the prerequisite course(s). Be able to solve conceptual and numerical problems often asked in standardized test (like MCAT). The topics for this particular course are: a. Electric forces and fields b. Electric energy and capacitance c. Electric current and resistance d. Direct current circuits e. Magnetism and inductance f. Alternating current circuits g. Reflection and refraction of light h. Mirrors and lenses i. Optical instruments j. Wave optics 3. Acquire experimental skills: Students are expected to complete several laboratory experiments over topics covered in the course. In these experiments student are expected to setup up equipment, draw diagrams and/or circuits with appropriate symbols, use technology for, data collection and data analysis, calculate percentage error do elementary error analysis and prepare reports. 4. Overall ability: Students should be able to integrate the ideas covered in different topics along with ideas from geometry, trigonometry, and algebra to develop solutions to problems involving more than one idea. Instructor: Dr. Shaukat Goderya Office: Science Building Room 213B Phone (O): (254) 968 - 9730 E-mail: Office Hours*: MWF 10 – 11 AM or by appointment, or after lab Lab Assistant / SI: TBA
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Dr. Goderya: Physics 105 2 Pre-requisites Physics 104 Class Activity Materials 1. Required - Text Book. College Physics, Serway/Vuille, 8 th edition Published by Thomson Brooks/Cole 2. Required any good scientific calculator, Notebook or file folder for lecture notes and
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Syllabus-phy105-spring - Dr. Goderya: Physics 105 PHY 105...

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