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HIST 101-010 and 040 Fall 2010, Dr. Guthrie ESSAY QUESTIONS FOR THE MID-TERM EXAM 1. How would you characterize the relationship between gods and human beings in the accounts of Ut- Napishtim and Noah concerning the Great Flood? 2. Compare the experiences of Ut-Napishtim and Noah during the Great Flood and discuss the nature of the covenant that their gods established with them. 3. What, according to Cyrus the Great, were the reasons for his success as a conqueror and ruler? 4. What are the primary ethical principles advocated by Confucius in “Selections from the Analects ?” 5. At the end of “Sermon at Benares,” Kondanna proclaims “Truly, O Buddha, our Lord, thou hast found the
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Unformatted text preview: truth!” What was this truth that Buddha discovered? 6. What provisions did Sparta make regarding marriage and the treatment and education of children? Why did they do this? 7. What are the main differences between the Athenians and Spartans, according to the speaker in “The Debate at Sparta and Declaration of War?” 8. According to Suetonius, what were the strengths and weaknesses of the emperor Augustus? 9. According to “Eulogy for a Roman Wife,” what were the characteristics of a “good” woman in Roman society? Are they the same as those our society promotes today? Why or why not?...
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