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HIST 101-010 and 040 Fall 2010, Dr. Guthrie ESSAY QUESTIONS FOR THE FINAL EXAM 1. According to Gregory of Tours, why did Clovis convert to Christianity? Do you think this account is accurate? 2. Pope Urban II referred to the First Crusade as a “holy pilgrimage.” Was it? Why or why not? 3. According to the Malleus Maleficarum , what kind of malicious pranks did witches play on their victims? Why did they do this? 4. According to “The Plague Chronicle of Jean de Venette,” what were the origins and the consequences of the Black Death? 5. According to Ibn Ishaq in “The Life of Muhammad,” what difficulties did Muhammad initially encounter when he tried to spread his religious message to the Arabs? Where and why did he meet with success? 6. According to the author of “The Fall of Constantinople,” how was the Sultan Mehmed able to capture the
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Unformatted text preview: formerly impregnable city of Constantinople? 7. Why was Al-Badaoni so upset about Akbar’s “exuberant eclecticism” in religion? 8. What are the fundamental Confucian values illustrated in “The Story of a Chinese Weaver?” 9. What does “Yüan Ts’ai on the Role of Women” reveal about the status of women in Song China? 10. What motivated the Tokugawa shoguns to isolate Japan from the rest of the world, according the documents included in “The Closing of Japan?” How was this accomplished? 11. What are the chief duties of a ruler, according to Machiavelli’s The Prince ? 12. How does Menno Simons justify his argument on the rejection of the use of force? Do you agree with it? 13. How could a great Christian leader such as Martin Luther make such a vicious attack on the Jews in “On the Jews and Their Lies.”...
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