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HIST 101, Sections 10 and 40 Dr. Guthrie, Fall 2010 Textbook Terms for First Test and Mid-Term The following list contains important terms from the reading assignments in Civilizations Past and Present for your first quiz and mid-term exam. If you study them and understand their meaning, you will be well prepared for any "textbook" question that might appear on these tests. The terms above the line are for the first quiz; those below the line are for the mid-term Fertile Crescent animism Neanderthals homo habilis Totem Earth Mother Semitic language Indo-European language Ensis Lugals Kemet maat Thutmose III Ramses II Hieroglyphic Sumerian system of counting Papyrus Osiris Mastaba Khufu’s Pyramid Karnak and Luxor Pyramid Texts Hittites Sea Peoples Aramaeans Lydians Magi Eschatology Lady Hao The Book of Songs Mozi yang and yin Junzi Li Mencius Xunzi Legalism Daoism Wang Mang Taipingdao Sima Qian
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Unformatted text preview: Dong Zhongshu Liu Xiang Brahmans Punjab Rig-Veda Upanishads Brahmanas Jainism Arthashastra Devi Mahabharata Ramayana Laws of Manu Noble Eightfold Path Four Noble Truths Bhagavad-Gita______________ Sir Arthur Evans Heinrich Schliemann Linear B hoplite phalanx Solon Pisistratus Cleisthenes Greek homosexuality Battle of Thermopylae Sophrosyne Hubris ostracism Herodotus Thucydides Skeptics Cynics Epicureanism Stoicism Heliocentric theory Archimedes Aeneas Imperium Concilium Plebis Twelve Tables Hannibal Tiberius Gracchus Gaius Gracchus Gaius Marius Cornelius Sulla Pompey Marcus Crassus Gaius Julius Caesar Mark Antony Queen Cleopatra Pax Romana collegia Circus Maximus Attila Theodoric Basilica Marcus Tullius Cicero Catullus Ovid Tacitus Livy Plutarch Lucretius Seneca Pliny the Elder Galen Patriarchal Saul Pharisees mystery religions Martyrs Arianism St. Jerome St. Ambrose St. Augustine St. Benedict...
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