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sample essay 101 - HIST 101 World History to 1648 Dr...

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HIST 101, World History to 1648 Dr. Guthrie HOW TO ANSWER AN ESSAY QUESTION QUESTION: According to the Malleus Maleficarum , what kind of malicious pranks did witches play on their victims? Why did they do this? This question is based on the reading selection on pp. 52-56 of World History: A Collection of Primary Sources (6 th Edition). The selection is a little long but not particularly difficult or complicated. STEP ONE: Read the entire selection carefully!!! Although obvious, I cannot emphasize this point strongly enough. You simply cannot (and, I guarantee, will not) do a good job on the essay questions if you refuse to read the selections that provide their foundation. Make sure you also read the selection introduction. It will often provide you with background information that might help you understand the reading selection better. STEP TWO: Break the question down and figure out exactly what it is asking. In this case, the question is asking two things.
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