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HIST 101, Sections 10 and 40 Dr. Guthrie Fall 2010 Textbook Terms for Second Test and Final The following list contains important terms from the reading assignments in Civilizations Past and Present for your second quiz and final exam. If you study them and understand their meaning, you will be well prepared for any "textbook" question that might appear on these tests. The terms above the line are for the second quiz; those below the line are for the final. Manichaeism Sasanid State Seleucid Dynasty Arian heresy Caesaropapism Ecumenical Councils Monophysite iconoclasm Clovis I Charles Martel Treaty of Verdun homage Chivalry demesne Guilds Innocent III St. Francis of Assisi scholasticism Philip I Augustus Henry II Thomas à Becket Edward I Reconquista Frederick I Barbarossa Macedonian Emperors Seljuk Turks Suleiman the Lawgiver Safavid Dynasty Joan of Arc St. Dominic Muhammad ibn Ishaq Khadija Hajj Five Pillars of Islam “Rightly-Guided” caliphs Kharijites Mu’awiya Abd-al-Malik
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