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201SYLonline fall10 - HIST 201 Section 30 History of the...

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HIST 201, Section 30, History of the United States to 1877 ONLINE COURSE Fall 2010 Dr. Christopher Guthrie Office: HUM 357 Phone: (254) 968-9621 Email: [email protected] Web Page: http://www.tarleton.edu/~cguthrie Office Hours: email me at any time and I will get back to you promptly. You can also communicate with me through Blackboard at any time REQUIRED BOOK H.W. Brands, T.H. Breen, R. Hal Williams, and Ariela J. Gross, American Stories: A History of the United States CLASS ASSIGNMENTS First Test (15%) Monday, September 27 Mid-Term (25%) Friday, October 22 Second Test (15%) Friday, November 12 Final Exam (25%) Monday, December 13 Weekly Assignments (lowest grade will be dropped) (20%) CLASS OUTLINE AND READING SCHEDULE Week I Introduction to Class August 30-Sept. 3 (wander around the site and make yourself familiar with all its features) Native Americans (read pp. 5-13 Watch PowerPoint presentation (US1online) Complete Assignment 1 by end of day, 9-03-10) Week II The Spanish and the New World Sept. 6-10 (read pp. 15-21 Watch PowerPoint presentation (US 2) Complete Assignment 2 by end of day, 9-10-10) Labor Day Holiday (9-6-10) Week III Jamestown and the Founding of Virginia Sept. 13-17 (read pp. 33-41, 67-69 Watch PowerPoint presentation (US 3) Complete Assignment 3 by end of day, 9-17-10) Week IV The Puritans and the Establishment of New England Sept. 20-24 (read pp. 23-27, 42-49, 63-66, 80-82 Watch PowerPoint presentation (US 4) Complete Assignment 4 by end of day, 9-24-10) Week V FIRST QUIZ (9-27-10)
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2012 for the course HIST 201 taught by Professor Dr.christopherguthrie during the Fall '10 term at Tarleton.

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201SYLonline fall10 - HIST 201 Section 30 History of the...

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