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HIST 440-010, Historical Method Fall 2010, Dr. Guthrie Sample Bibliography SECONDARY SOURCES Books Agulhon, Maurice . The Republican Experiment, 1848-1852 . London, 1983. _______. Histoire de la France urbain, tome 4: la ville de l’age industriel (le cycle haussmannien) . Paris, 1983. _______. Marianne into Battle: Republican Imagery and Symbolism in France, 1789-1880. London, 1981. _______. La République au village . Paris, 1970. _______, ed. Cultures et folklores républicains . Paris, 1995. Amann, Peter. Revolution and Mass Democracy: The Paris Club Movement in 1848 . Princeton, 1975. Aminzade, Ronald. Ballots and Barricades: Class Formation and Republican Politics in France, 1830-1871 . Princeton, 1993. _______. Class, Politics, and Early Industrial Capitalism: A Study of Mid- Nineteenth Century Toulouse, France . Albany, NY, 1981. _______, Goldstone, J., et al. Silence and Voice in the Study of Contentious Politics . New York, 2001. Andréani, Roland and Leulliez, Marianne, eds.
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