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Research Paper Topics 2010

Research Paper Topics 2010 - HIST 440-010 Historical Method...

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HIST 440-010, Historical Method Fall 2010, Dr. Guthrie Research Paper Topics Each student must select one topic from this list to serve as the basis for their research paper. Topics should be further refined once they are selected and we will talk about how to do this in class. Each topic can only be used by one student so, if there is one you are particularly interested in, get it to me as early as you can. African-Americans During the Great Depression The Zoot-Suit Riots in Los Angeles in 1943 The Rise of the Labour Party in England The Popular Front in France The Italian Conquest of Ethiopia The New Republic and the Birth of Modern Liberalism in the United States The Iran-Contra Scandal The Impact of the Iranian Hostage Crisis The Negative Impact of the Reign of Louis XIV in France Loyalists During the American Revolution The Boston Massacre Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr Removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma The Progressive Era in Texas Admiral Horthy and the Nazis
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