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HIST 440-010, Historical Method Fall 2010 Dr. Guthrie Three tests will be given in class. Their scheduled dates are: First Test Friday, October 8 Second Test Friday, November 5 Third and Final Test Friday, December 17 (11:30-2:00 pm) The first two tests count for 15% of your semester grade each. The third test will count for 20% of your semester grade. The first two tests will contain a combination of 40 short answer and fill-in-the blank questions, with each question worth 2.5 points. The third test will contain 25 short answer and fill-in-the-blank questions (worth 2 points each) and four essay questions (from which you will select two to answer). All short answer and fill-in-the-blank questions will be based on information from the class lectures and the reading for the period covered by each test. The essay questions on the third test will be comprehensive and you will be provided with a list of potential ones before the test to help you in your preparation.
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