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324 Nutrients - Nutrients are packaged in feedstuffs Most...

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NUTRIENTS Nutrient = any feed constituent that is necessary for the support of life . FUNCTIONS: 1. Component of body structure 2. Enhancing, or being involved in, chemical reactions of the body = body metabolism. 3. Source of energy. 4. Transport substances into, throughout, or out of the body. 5. Assist in the regulation of body temperature (up and down). 6. Affect feed palatability and consumption. CLASSES: 1. Water needed for all functions. 2. Carbohydrates energy and structural. 3. Fats energy, hormones, structure. 4. Proteins structure, energy, enzymes. 5. Minerals regulation of reactions, structure, transportation. 6. Vitamins body metabolism, energy production, structure.
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Unformatted text preview: Nutrients are packaged in feedstuffs. Most common horse feeds contain all, or at least most, of the nutrients needed by the horse. Feeds differ not in the TYPE of nutrients they contain, but in the AMOUNT of each specific nutrient. SBM >> protein than oats Oats >> solCHO than SBM Hay >> structural CHO than oats Selection of FEED should be based on supplying the proper amount of nutrients required by an individual horse. Pregnant mares require a different set of nutrients than a backyard gelding. Race horses have different requirements than draft horses. Growing horses have different requirements than mature horses....
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