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319 Quiz 5 - 6 Discuss the genetic effects of...

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QUIZ #5 BREEDING SYSTEMS 1. Discuss the differences between a seedstock breeder and a market breeder. 2. Discuss the genetic effects and consequences of inbreeding. 3. Discuss the practical uses of inbreeding. 4. Discuss the differences between inbreeding and Linebreeding. 5. Discuss the practical uses of Linebreeding.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Discuss the genetic effects of outcrossing/crossbreeding. Include the non-additive genetic basis. 7. Define and discuss hybrid vigor (heterosis). 8. Discuss “nicking” as it relates to outcrossing. 9. Discuss a two-breed cross mating program. 10. Discuss a terminal (three-breed) cross mating program....
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