SylabusS2002 - Physics 2424: Principles of Physics Spring...

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Physics 2424: Principles of Physics Spring 2010 Professor: Dr. Daniel K. Marble Offices: HYEG 214, SCIEN213D Research Lab: Science 236 Telephone: 968-9409, 968-9880 Office Hours: W, F 10:00-10:50 T, R 9:00-10:50 Others by appointment Class Hours: M,W, F 9:00-10:00; W 2:00-5:00 TR 10:50-12:05 Textbooks: Fundamentals of Physics 8th by Haliday, Resnick, & Walker (Primary Textbook Mandatory) Schaum's Outline Series: Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Michael Brown (Optional) WebAssign Student Access Code (Mandatory) Feyman Lecture Series (Vol II) : (Recommended only for Physics Majors) Course: Physics 2424 primarily covers electricity and magnetism including applications to electronics and optics. Additional topics covered include sound waves and an introduction to Modern Physics. Physics 2424 is a calculus-based course intended for Physical Science, Engineering and Mathematics majors. The course is intended to provide the student with a strong foundation for future course work in these fields as well as improving the student’s general problem solving skills. The course requires extensive use of Calculus including integration, trigonometry, and vectors as well as other math skills. Grading: The final grade for Physics 2424 is determined by the student's score upon written examinations, homework, quizzes, computer projects, and lab work. At least two and as many as three exams will be given during the semester as well as a comprehensive final. Homework will be assigned and collected using the "WEBASSIGN" homework system. Students are required to purchase a "STUDENT ACCESS CODE" either from the bookstore or online from "WEBASSIGN.COM". Frequent unannounced quizzes will be given during labs and class in order to discourage cramming and to ensure that
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SylabusS2002 - Physics 2424: Principles of Physics Spring...

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