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Findings promising three fifths of seniors and 37 of

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Unformatted text preview: mising Findings Promising Three-fifths of seniors and 37% of firstyear students do community service or year volunteer work volunteer About half of non-denominational college About students say that their institution substantially (“very much” or “quite a bit”) contributes to their development of a deepened sense of spirituality compared with only 19% of the students at public institutions institutions Disappointing Findings Disappointing Only one-tenth of students rely on Only newspapers or magazines as their primary source of local, national, or international news; more than half say television is their primary source television Two-fifths of first-year students and a Two-fifths quarter of seniors “never” discuss ideas from their classes or readings with a faculty member outside of class faculty Disappointing Findings Disappointing One-fifth of all students spend no time One-fifth exercising exercising More than a quarter of all students have More “never” attended an art exhibit, gallery, play, dance, or other theater performance during the current school year during Other Key Findings Other Time on Task Time Time preparing for class, co-curricular Time activities, and on-campus work are all positively related to educational and spiritual growth spiritual Only 11% of full-time students spend 25 Only hours per week preparing for class (as professors recommend). Two-fifths spend 10 hours or less on class preparation per week. week. Time on Task Time More than half of part-time students work More off-campus 20+ hours per week off-campus About 19% of seniors spend 11+ hours About per week caring for dependents per A quarter of students spend 16+ hours quarter per week relaxing and socializing- 8% spend more than 25 hours spend Time on Task Task Living Arrangements Living Forty-five percent of students live in campus Forty-five housing (68% of first-years, 22% of seniors) housing The remainder live within driving distance The (41%), walking distance (13%), or in a fraternity or sorority house (1%) or Twelve percent of men and 10% of women are Twelve members of a fraternity or a sorority members Grades Grades About two-fifths of all students reported About that they earned mostly A grades that Another 41% reported grades of either a Another B or B+ or Only 3% of students reported Cs or lower Parental Education Parental Thirty-four percent of NSSE respondents Thirty-four are first-generation college students are Thirty-seven percent have pare...
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