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Students never engaged in these activities throughout

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Unformatted text preview: hysical fitness, though about 20% of students never engaged in these activities throughout the school year school Activity varied by the kind of institution, with Activity two-thirds of students participating in exercise at liberal arts schools, and half participating at doctoral institutions participating Art, Wellness, & Spirituality Art, Exercise and physical fitness •Percent of students who exercised during their previous school year Spiritual Activity and Spiritual Development Development One-third of students frequently engaged One-third in activities to enhance spirituality, though 42% never participated in these activities 42% Students at denominational institutions Students were more likely to engage in spiritual activities (~42%) than those at nonactivities denominational institutions (~26%), denominational though about one-fourth of students at denominational institutions responded that they “never” attended these activities they Spiritual Activity and Spiritual Development Development About one-third of students reported that About their experience in college contributed “quite a bit” or “very much” to their spirituality spirituality Attending a denominational institution or Attending participating in spiritual activities increased this effect increased Spirituality and Spiritual Development Development Civic Engagement Civic Approximately 113,000 students from Approximately 449 institutions also answered questions regarding their involvement in politics and community issues community 54% of males and 46% of females stated 54% that they at least “sometimes” expressed their opinions about political issues in a public forum public Civic Engagement Civic 93% of students used one or more media 93% source to stay informed about political or community issues community Newspapers and magazines are the Newspapers primary source of national and international news for only 10% of students students More than one-fourth of students More participated in a rally, vigil, or protest participated Civic Engagement Civic 22% of first-year students and 30% of seniors 22% led meetings or activities for groups or organizations organizations Students at liberal arts colleges were more Students likely to participate in these activities than those at other schools those Students who reported higher levels of civic Students engagement, also reported that their college experience contributed more to their knowledge about voting in local, s...
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