The designed faculty survey of student engagement

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Unformatted text preview: to complement the NSSE, the Designed Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE) measures faculty priorities and expectations of students expectations As it turns out, faculty and students As disagree on several issues regarding their classroom experiences Faculty Survey of Student Engagement Engagement Faculty Survey of Student Engagement Engagement Class preparation Students spend about half as much time Students studying as instructors expect (3 hours per class per week, vs. the 6 hours expected) class Faculty in physical sciences, engineering, Faculty biological sciences expect more time per class, and students actually do spend more time on those courses time Faculty Survey of Student Engagement Engagement How faculty spend class time Sciences and engineering report more time Sciences (59%) lecturing, while education faculty spend the least time lecturing (25%) spend There is little difference in time spent There lecturing based on course level overall, though in the social sciences, more time is spent lecturing in lower level courses (53%) than higher level courses (44%) than Faculty Survey of Student Faculty Engagement Engagement Education faculty devote more time to small Education groups than other disciplines groups Biological/life sciences faculty spend about Biological/life one-fourth of class time to experiential activities, which include labs and field work activities, Faculty Survey of Student Engagement Engagement Full-time versus part-time faculty Part-time faculty expect students to study Part-time about one hour less than full-time faculty, five hours vs. six hours, respectively five Part-time faculty expect that students spend Part-time less than 3 hours studying for their courses, while full-time faculty expect their students to spend 3.5 hours per week on their classes spend Full-time faculty spend less time on small Full-time group activities and more time lecturing than part-time faculty part-time Faculty Survey of Student Engagement Engagement...
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