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Lesson Plan – Classroom Management Sequence : Taught in the mid to later portions of the block. Requires 4 hours. Objectives : Upon completion of the lesson the student will be able to: List the different aspects of classroom management; Identify important variables in each aspect of classroom management; and Interest Approach – Me, You, Us E-Moment –or- Think, Pair, Share Pose the question; What do you believe to be the most important components of classroom management? Review the Webpage for the Lesson : Pose the question: Did you learn anything from the webpage? What? Initial Information :
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Unformatted text preview: Go & Get It E-Moment : Post the materials from the lesson plan around the room. Break the class into teams and have them retrieve and report on the information in the lesson. During the student reports, elaborate on their suggestions & ideas. Present the Virtues Statements, TAG, & Verbal Call-Down Techniques : Utilize the printed Power Point for each as student note archives. After presenting each, have students engage in a brief practice of each with a partner. Activity Role Play the Scenarios Have students role-play the scenarios. After each scenario have the students brainstorm the different Virtues Statements, TAGs, and/or Verbal Call-Downs that could be used....
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