Teaching Strategies for Groups

Teaching Strategies for Groups - Group Teaching Procedures:...

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Group Teaching Procedures : Variety is the spice of life! Every teacher/presenter is faced with the problem of organizing his or her instruction in such a manner that the activities are varied and of a type that objectives will be reached in an efficient and effective manner. The same procedure or activity used day in and day out will become tiresome to the learners/participants and furthermore, there is no one procedure that will do best at all tasks in teaching/presenting . Certain strategies/methods are more effective than others in bringing about desired cognition. Strategies/methods are to be selected on the basis of their effectiveness in accomplishing a specific task. A variety of methods/strategies are also to be utilized in order to touch as many learning styles and multiple intelligences as possible. It is for this reason that the following outline of group teaching strategies/methods was created. Once one of the strategies/methods has been selected, appropriate preparations must be made to ensure its success. There are things that must be done by both the instructor/presenter and learner/participant in order to prepare for the activity. Scope: Best Suited For: Necessary Preparation: 1 – 8 Players Required Audience Size: Unlimited Develops an understanding of other’s feelings. Develops an understanding of the forces in a situation that block good human relations. Offers others’ point of view and situation. Value is in the preparation as well as the playing. Hold the actual “playing” until the presentation time (don’t practice). Spontaneous acting is best. Help audience to prepare through reading and thinking. Set the stage before the “playing” begins. Plan for a follow-up discussion. Tell the audience what roles were played. 1 – Operator/Leader Audience Size: Limited by Size of A/V equipment only Takes the place of a speaker. Can bring specialized knowledge to a group. Provides a uniform mental picture. Develops interest. Shows development. Shows human relationships. Develops differing ideas. Leader selects and previews film. Select a strong leader.
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Teaching Strategies for Groups - Group Teaching Procedures:...

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