understanding - UCSB TA DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Contact:...

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Unformatted text preview: UCSB TA DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Contact: Shirley Ronkoswki, Ph.D. TA Development Program Kerr Hall 1120 Q Phone: 893-3341 Email: shirley@id.ucsb.edu Website: http://www.id.ucsb.edu/ic/ta/ta.html Checking for Understanding-Any questions? - Did you all get that? -Everybody understand?-Does that make sense? - Right? - Does everyone see that? Are these questions really the best way to check for understanding? If no one says anything, how do you know if the students- get it? - are too confused to even formulate a question?- think they get it but really dont?- are too embarrassed to reveal their ignorance in front of everyone? Research has shown that even at the college level, students arent always self-regulated learners, which means they may not always be aware of what they do or dont understand. They sometimes think they get it, but really they dont or they only have a superFcial understanding. (Hofer, Yu, & Pintrich, 1998). After all, how often have you heard students say, I thought I knew the material really well, but I bombed the exam. How can you REALLY check to see if students understand a particular concept, term, or idea in the way that you intended? There are things you can do before and during section to check for understanding Before Section (AKA Planning) While planning your section, it is extremely important to think about what students should understand and at what level . (If you arent sure, you might even want to clarify this with the professor.) or example, should students be able to s memorize a deFnition or formula? s apply the information to novel situations? s use the information to create something?...
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understanding - UCSB TA DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Contact:...

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