A ED 598 - Class 2 Activity Sheet

A ED 598 Class 2 - for more research related to the papers o Do any of the studies warn of or point out methods/information to avoid o Do any of

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A ED 598 - Philosophy, Interpretation and Application of Research Class 2 – In Class Activity Sheet Guest Speaker from the Dick Smith Library : o You will be required to listen attentively and take detailed notes. Find three agricultural-related research articles that have a very similar topic . o These articles can be the same topic or article used in the Class 1 – Activity. You may also use the topic of the three papers for the last bullet in this activity. Answer the following questions about each of the articles : o Do any of the articles have the same references? o What are some common themes that are discussed in the introduction/literature review? o Develop a list of five keywords or phrases that could be utilized to search
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Unformatted text preview: for more research related to the papers. o Do any of the studies warn of or point out methods/information to avoid? o Do any of the studies point-out/employ research strategies, procedures, and/or instruments that have been utilized in other studies? • List the objectives/research questions/hypotheses of one of the studies . o Evaluate them based upon appropriate criteria and types of hypotheses. • Develop a topic that you would be interested in studying . o What are some key words that you would use to search the topic? o Where would you search for the topic? o What might your research topic sound like if you were to state it?...
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