A ED 598 - Class 6 - Descriptive Research Project

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A ED 598 - Philosophy, Interpretation and Application of Research Class 6 – Descriptive Research Project Purpose : The purpose of this project is to allow the student to experience each stage in the development, analysis and reporting of a descriptive research study. Timeline : The project will consume two weeks of class. The first week involves the student reading chapter 7 in the text and completing the Descriptive Research Project Focus Sheet. During class, students will develop proposals and instrumentation and begin data collection if possible. During the following week students will collect and analyze data and develop a write-up that will be handed in during the next regularly scheduled course meeting. Due Date: Required Materials : Project Write-Up: o Students will hand-in a write-up that is modeled after an article in the Journal of Agricultural of Education or the Journal of Extension. The write-up should have the following sections: Title Introduction
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