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A ED 598 - Philosophy, Interpretation and Application of Research Class 7 – Correlation Research Project – Data Sheet Answer the Following Questions : 1. Age: 2. Height in Inches: 3. Gender: (0=female, 1=male) 4. Number of siblings: 5. Age of oldest living relative: 6. Number of pets: 7. Number of parking tickets in the last year: 8. Average number of hours enrolled per semester: 9. Undergraduate GPA: 10. Graduate GPA: 11. Average number of alcoholic beverages consumed each week: 12. Hours of TV viewed per week: 13. Monthly rent: 14. Average monthly utility bill: 15. Amount spent on gasoline/diesel every month: 16. Number of student organizations involved in during undergraduate degree: 17. Average number of nights you go
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Unformatted text preview: out each week: 18. Number of cigarettes you smoke each day: 19. Number of dips of snuff you take each day: 20. Average number of hours spent studying each week: 21. Amount spent on eating-out each week: 22. Average number of cell phone calls made and received daily: 23. Miles driven to school: 24. Number of years required to complete your undergraduate degree: 25. Number of times you take medicine because you are sick during one year: 26. Average amount spent on clothing and entertainment each month: 27. Number of online courses taken. 28. Number of meals you eat at home in a month. 29. Number of sodas you drink in a week. 30. Number of books read in a year....
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