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A ED 598 - Class 8 - Extraneous Variable Sheet

A ED 598 - Class 8 - Extraneous Variable Sheet - A ED 598...

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A ED 598 - Philosophy, Interpretation and Application of Research Class 8 – Experimental Research, Extraneous Variable Sheet Directions : Below you will find a scenario that describes an experimental study. Read the scenario and then develop a hypothetical example of an extraneous variable that could have happened during the study. Also, indicate how the hypothetical extraneous variable was controlled. The extraneous variables that you are to give hypothetical examples of are below the scenario. Scenario : A researcher wants to determine the effects of lighting on student performance on a cognitive test. The researcher designs a study that consists of 200 ninth-grade students. The students are randomly selected from a population of 1000 ninth-grade students from different campuses in a large school district. Following selection, the students are then randomly assigned to a treatment or control group. The researcher is hypothesizing that a
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