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A ED 598 - Class 11 - An Overview of Qualitative Research

A ED 598 - Class 11 - An Overview of Qualitative Research -...

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A ED 598 - Philosophy, Interpretation and Application of Research Class 11 – An Overview of Qualitative Research Directions : Please answer the following questions from your own perspectives from the Chapter 14 readings. Your answers to the following questions will account for 75 of the 150 points for your qualitative project and are due at the beginning of the class period. The remaining 75 points will come from an in class activity. 1. Compare and Contrast qualitative and quantitative research. Please include the overall philosophy underlying each, their characteristics as well as the research process. 2. In your own words, describe each of the qualitative research approaches discussed in Chapter 14.
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Unformatted text preview: In your opinion, why do you believe that all of these would be labeled “interpretive research?” 3. Validity is very important to qualitative research. Chapter 14 discusses criteria for establishing validity in qualitative studies according to Maxwell, Guba and Wolcott. What are the commonalities between all of their criteria for validation? 4. What are a qualitative researcher’s views on generalizability in comparison to that of the quantitative researcher? 5. Select an ethical guidepost for qualitative researchers and describe why it is important as a single ethical consideration, as well as how it relates to the importance of all of the guideposts as a whole....
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