ACR 598 Syllabus F11

ACR 598 Syllabus F11 - ACR 598 Philosophy, Interpretation &...

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ACR 598 – Philosophy, Interpretation & Application of Research (Fall 2011) Syllabus approved on: / / I. Catalog Description: Studies designed to acquaint students in agricultural research techniques and demonstration related to the classroom, laboratories, work experience and extension and adult education activities in agricultural programs. Basic concepts concerning interpretation and analysis of research data will also be investigated. II. Prerequisites: Students must have been admitted to the College of Graduate Studies at Tarleton State University. Students should have an understanding of the agricultural industry, with teaching or extension experience preferred. III. Expanded Course Content: The course is designed to provide an opportunity to learn about scientific inquiry, selection and definition of a research topic, sampling, instrumentation, quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods, reporting, critiquing and funding research. Students will participate actively in several in-class research projects and develop related proposals and critiques. IV. Intended Student Learning Outcomes: (Upon completion of this course students will be able to:) Write a research proposal and develop critiques of research articles; Develop and deliver information and instruction that is derived from, and delivered through,
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ACR 598 Syllabus F11 - ACR 598 Philosophy, Interpretation &...

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