Experimental Sample 1

Experimental Sample 1 - Effect of Physical Attractiveness...

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Effect of Physical Attractiveness on Individuals’ Willingness to Help NAME REMOVED TO PRESERVE ANONIMITY Tarleton State University Introduction From automobiles to clothing to significant others, image is important. Many people no longer believe that physical appearance is a static characteristic, but rather an aspect that may be manipulated to reflect a greater social desirability (Cash et al., 1988). In a study conducted by Brown et al. (1986), this attitude was also found to influence college students’ perceptions regarding overall physical attractiveness. When compared to individuals that are considered to be less attractive, physically attractive people tend to receive more attention (Kleck & Rubenstein, 1975), have a better love life (Berscheid & Walster, 1974), and be viewed as more intelligent (Clifford & Walster, 1973). In addition, several studies have found that physical attractiveness greatly influences an observers’ willingness to help (West & Brown, 1975; Benson et al., 1976; Wilson, 1978). However, very few of these investigations have targeted a specific type of location or demographic. In today’s society of reality show makeovers, fad diets, and fashion trends, students on university campuses are consistently exposed to these influences. Therefore, the current study was designed to assess the effects of physical appearance on individuals’ desire to help a female in need on a college campus. Purpose & Hypothesis The purpose of this study was to determine the effect that physical appearance has on an individual’s motivation to help a female in a time of need. The null hypothesis for this study was: There will be no significant difference between the amount of assistance received by an unattractive female and the amount of assistance received by an attractive female. Methodology This study utilized a post-test only control group design, due to its randomized sample and presence of a control group. The population for this study included all students, faculty, and visitors present at Tarleton State University during the time of this experiment. Participants were randomly selected and exposed to either the treatment (unattractive female) or the control (attractive female). For this experiment, a female member of the A ED 598 Philosophy, Interpretation and Application of Research class assumed the characteristics of a physically unattractive and attractive college female. The first day she appeared as an unattractive female with Introduction: A + Hypothesis: B Methodology: A + Results: A Discussion: A+ Quality of Writing: A ++ Overall Grade: 96 % Kyle W. McGregor 12/17/06 11:56 PM Kyle W. McGregor 12/18/06 12:01 AM Comment: Awesome Writing! Extremely well-developed thoughts and flow. Comment:
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Experimental Sample 1 - Effect of Physical Attractiveness...

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