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NAME REMOVED TO PRESERVE ANONIMITY Alcohol’s Correlation to TSU GPAs Introduction: Alcohol has long since become a staple in the lives of undergraduates at Tarleton State University. This relationship has been blamed for much in terms of undergraduate performance. It has been speculated that the more time a student spends out the lower grades the student compiles. This study will examine one of these perceptions, that the more alcohol a student consumes the lower their grade point average (GPA). Hypothesis: Based on my personal experience and general public beliefs, I hypothesize that there is an inverse correlation between GPA and the average number of drinks drank per week. Results: The following table illustrates the results of the study analyzed by SPSS software. Table 1: Correlation Between GPA and Number of Drinks Consumed (nice table!) Relationship Variables (r) Significance Average number of alcoholic drinks consumed per week.
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