Lectures 1-5

Lectures 1-5 - LECTURE #1 Office Hours: 1212A Pacific Hall,...

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Office Hours : 1212A Pacific Hall, Wed. 12:30-2:30pm http://www.biology.ucsd.edu/classes/bild1.WI08 -covalent bonds in the cell are stronger because water dissolves ionic bonds. -H bonds that are positive are donors, while negative H bonds are acceptors. Atoms = collections of particles (charges, simple interactions) Biomolecules = collections of atoms (elaborate interactions) Cells = collections of biomolecules (cellular function) Organisms = collections of cells Ecosystems = collections of organisms Mass of proton and neutrons = 1 Dalton = 1.7x10 -24 g LECTURE #2 F-O-N-Cl-Br-I-S-C-H descending electronegativity Avogadro’s # = 6.022x10 23 molecules -How many grams to make 500mL of a 1M solution of NaCl? NaCl = 23 + 35.5 = 58.5 g/mol (1 mol/L)(.5L)(58.5g/1mol) = 29.25g Photosynthesis : 6CO 2 + H 2 O C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 [H+] means “concentration” of H+ -What is the pH of 0.01M HCl? (if HCl dissociates completely in water) 0.01M HCl 0.01M H+ and 0.01M Cl- pH = -log[H+] = -log(0.01M) = -(-2) = 2 Increase in pH means low [H+], more basic Decrease in pH means high [H+], more acidic Heat is absorbed when H-bonds break (thaws, vaporizes). Heat is released when H-bonds form (freeze). LECTURE #3 Intermolecular forces of bonds in a molecule determine molecule’s shape. Carbon has atomic #6 (6 protons+ and 6 electrons-) Hydrophilic: polar, increase solubility in water Hydrophobic: nonpolar, higher insolubility Molecules with hydroxyl (alcohol) groups –OH change suffix to –ol, such as ethanol. Ketones (middle of molecule) and aldehydes (end of molecule) =O change suffix to –one or –al. Carboxyl (organic acids) -C=O-OH, such as acetic acid. Amino (amines) –NH2 change suffix to –ine, such as glycine.
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Lectures 1-5 - LECTURE #1 Office Hours: 1212A Pacific Hall,...

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