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Unformatted text preview: Agricultural Power Mathematics & Engineering Mathematics Constants Constants • Force (4) • Distance (3) • Time (3) Work, Power, & Torque Work, • Work -W- (5) Work -W• Power -P- (4) Power -P• Torque -To- (4) Torque -To- HORSEPOWER HORSEPOWER • Drawbar Horsepower: Drawbar (6) (6) • Brake/Shaft Horsepower: Brake/Shaft (5) Expressions of Horsepower Expressions • Automobiles: – Brake Brake – Net • Tractors: – Drawbar – PTO – Rated Q u i k T i e ™ n d c m a a G I e c o mp r s s o r Fd e ar eeded ee i i t r . en o ts h t spcue The Torque/Horsepower Relationship Relationship Hp & To rpm Link to Website Link to Website Link to Website Sizing Engines Sizing • Cylinder Number: • Horsepower: • Engine Displacement: Number Of Cylinders & Horsepower Horsepower • Single - 12 Cylinder Examples: • Horsepower: (2) Engine Displacement Engine • Indicates the relative size or volume of an Indicates engine and it’s potential to produce power. engine • Piston Displacement: (3) • Engine Displacement: (2) • Conversion of SAE to Conversion Metric: Metric: – Value Bases – Factor Label Factor Compression Ratio Compression • • • • Efficiency & Power TDC vs. BDC vs. CV Formula Higher Compression Gives Higher Us: Us: Let’s See Compression Ratio In Action! Let’s 8:1 SI Three Cylinders with an Approximately Equal Charge. What will happen? 8:1 SI 20:1 CI ...
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