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cooling system

cooling system - What does the cooling system do system...

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Unformatted text preview: What does the cooling system do? system What happens if an engine What runs too cool or too hot? runs What are the Types of What Cooling Systems? Cooling Thermal Dynamics Thermal A camp fire explains it all! Convection Radiation Conduction Heat Transfer Continued Heat • Only 1/3 of heat produced in an engine is Only actually used. actually • Where does the remainder go? • What are some “very good” and “good” heat What conductors? conductors? • How much energy do you radiate? • What is ambient air temperature? • Thermal Dynamics in relation to material’s Thermal surface condition. surface • Thermal Dynamics in relation to color. Liquid Cooling Systems Liquid • What do coolants do for an engine? – Freezing Point? – Boiling Point? • Anti-Freeze or Anti-Boil? • What makes-up a coolant? How it Works: Liquid Cooled Systems - A pressurized closed circulation system Liquid Parts of a Liquid Cooling System Parts • • • • • • • Radiator & Pressure Cap Fan & Belt Coolant Pump Water Jackets Thermostat Hoses Coolant Radiator & Pressure Cap Radiator • Radiators: – – – Types: (2) Testing & Repair: (2) How does the radiator work? • Pressure Cap: – Functions: (2) – How a pressure cap works: Fan & Belts Fan • What function does the fan serve? – Types of fans? • What can the fan belt do for the engine’s What cooling system? cooling Coolant Pump Coolant • Definition: • The water pump is the The heart of the cooling system. system. • Sealed lubrication for Sealed the pump bearings, why? why? Water Jackets Water • Passageways through which water circulates Passageways through the block. through Thermostat Thermostat • Purpose of a Purpose thermostat? thermostat? • Importance of a Importance thermostat? thermostat? • How does a thermostat How work? work? • Practical thermostat Practical information: information: Testing a Thermostat Testing Minor System Parts Minor • Hoses: – Purpose of Hoses: – Inspecting hoses, what do Inspecting you look for? you – Installation of hoses? • Filters: – Jobs a filter can perform: Coolant Coolant • Four Properties of Coolant: (4) • Mixing antifreeze and water: – Water Type? – Mixture Percentage • Antifreeze Specifics: – – – – Selection Temperature Testing Flushing Air Cooled Engines Air • How do they work? • Parts: – – – – Fins Shroud Fan Fan Pre-Cleaner • Maintenance: General Cooling System Tips General ...
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