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Cooling.Sys.Lab.Sheet - 1 Using the digital infrared...

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Name: A EN 2013 – Agricultural Power Units Cooling Systems Laboratory Skill 1 – Measurement of Freeze Protection Level of Coolants 1. Test each coolant and record the amount of freeze protection it offers. 2. Give a recommendation relating to the coolant’s ability to protect an engine. Coolant: Protection Level Recommendation for Use? Coolant 1: Coolant 2: Coolant 3: Coolant 4: 1. Force a flat feeler gauge blade into the mouth of each of the provided thermostats. 2. Suspend the thermostats in water as it is heated on a hot plate. 3. Record the temperature at which each thermostat falls from its feeler gauge. Thermostat: Rated Temp. Opening Temperature Difference Between Opening & Rated Temps & Recommendation Thermostat 1: Thermostat 2:
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Skill 3 – Engine Temperature Measurements
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Using the digital infrared temperature gun take measurements at the following locations. 2. After taking the readings, rank the locations from hottest to coolest. 3. Answer the questions below the table. Measurement Location: Temperature Location Rank Radiator Top Radiator Middle Radiator Bottom Top Hose Bottom Hose Water Neck Water Pump Side of Block (Water Jacket) Coolant Temp Reading (Gauge) Question : Does the ranking match what you have learned about the cooling system’s operation? Explain. Skill 4 – Engine Cooling System Inspection 1. Make the following service checks and complete the table below. Service Check Measurement Recommendation Radiator XXXXXXXX Pressure Cap Reservoir XXXXXXXX Coolant Belts XXXXXXXX Hoses XXXXXXXX Fan XXXXXXXX Gaskets XXXXXXXX...
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Cooling.Sys.Lab.Sheet - 1 Using the digital infrared...

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