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Engine Reassembly - A EN 201 Agricultural Power Units Small...

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A EN 201 – Agricultural Power Units Small Engine Reassembly Objectives : The Student Will Be Able To: 1. Describe considerations of small gas engine assembly; 2. Reassemble the small gas engine; 3. Demonstrate the ability to correctly reset all air gaps, torque specifications, and other measurements; 4. Justify the need for any repairs or adjustments made; and 5. Start and Run their engine after re-assembly. Required Reading For Quiz : 1. This laboratory chapter I. Introduction : Reassembling your small gas engine will basically be a reverse process of disassembly. However, there are a few extra considerations. These considerations include repairs, air gap measurements, torque measurements, and completing the job correctly. As stated in Chapter 8, speed is not to be the prime directive during this lab. Good workmanship should be the goal. Good workmanship includes; careful accurate work, not having left-over parts, and engine operation when the job is finished. II. Reassembly Procedure : (*Add pre-service lubricating grease to all internal parts .) 1. Install the Crankshaft Reminder: Tapered end to the front of the engine. 2. Reassemble the Piston Rings and Connecting Rod, (See Figure, 5.1-5.4). Reminder: The rings must be replaced correctly. Review your sketch of connecting rod and piston ring orientation. 3. Install the Piston and Connecting Rod in the Cylinder, (See Figure, 5.5-5.7). Reminder: Use piston ring compressor. Clean and coat cylinder wall with lube. Use the handle of a mallet to gently tap the piston into the cylinder. Be sure not
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Engine Reassembly - A EN 201 Agricultural Power Units Small...

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