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Unformatted text preview: Introduction & History Of Internal Combustion Engines Internal Introduction Introduction • • • Engine: (4) Motor: (3) Internal Combustion Engine: (3) External Combustion Engine: External History History Man knew that heat was created by work, but Man could work be created by heat? could • Engine Fundamentals; Alphonse Beau de Engine Rochas (3) (3) – 1862 Simplicity of Early Engines Simplicity History History • Otto Cycle; Dr. N.A. Otto -1876- (3) Otto Dr. History • 2-Cycle Engine; Dugal Clerk -1878- (2) 2-Cycle Dugal History History • Hot Bulb Engine; Herbert Ackroyd-Stuart Hot -1892- (2) -1892- History • Diesel Engine; Dr. Rudolph Diesel -1895Diesel (2) (2) ...
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  • Fall '11
  • KyleMcGregor
  • Internal Combustion Engines, Internal combustion engine, Diesel engine, External combustion engine, Dr. N.A. Otto -1876, Dr. N.A. Otto

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