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Maint Oper Lab Sheet 1 - Name: Power Unit Maintenance &...

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Name: Power Unit Maintenance & Operation Lab I. What are the labeled parts of the tractor ? A B C D E F G H I J II. Service Check-List : (Place the following code in the appropriate boxes: FC -Function Check, F -Fill, C -Clean, L -Lubrication, A -Adjust, R -Renewal – SEE OPERATOR’S MANUAL FOR SPECS & DETAILS) Service Action 10 hrs 50 hrs 300 hrs 900 hrs Flexible Warn. Light General 1200/ 1years 1200/ 2years Adjust Valve Clearance Change Hyd. Fluid & Filter Change Oil & Filter Check Coolant Level Check Hoses Check Hyd. Fluid Check Injectors Check Oil Clean & Check Battery Flush Cooling System Fuel Filter/Fuel Sediment Change Hydraulic Fluid Inspect Tires Inspect/Service Belts Lubricate Most Misc. Grease Zerts Adjust Clutch Replace Air Cleaners Replace Fuel Filter Replace Hyd. Filter Service Air Cleaner
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III. : (Note what you are looking for during inspection, check with your owners manual, record readings and measurements) a. Air Cleaner b. Coolant c. Battery d. Locate and Check Fuse Panel e. Check Bulbs & Electrical System f. Check ROPS System g. Check Engine Oil h. Check Hydraulic Fluid i. Inspect Tires
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Maint Oper Lab Sheet 1 - Name: Power Unit Maintenance &...

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