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A EN 201 – Agricultural Power Units Objectives : The Student Will Be Able To: 1. Obtain a score of 75% or greater on a quiz focusing the reading included in this chapter; 2. Describe common maintenance tasks performed engines; 3. Defend the importance of a preventative maintenance program; 4. Categorize service tasks into general hourly or time schedules; 5. Evaluate given equipment based upon service needs; 6. Recommend service for given engines 7. Operate selected agricultural equipment; and 8. Perform basic service on common agricultural power equipment. Required Reading For Quiz : 1. Materials included in this laboratory chapter I. Introduction : A preventative maintenance plan has the potential to greatly extend the life of any piece of power equipment. The importance of timely and proper service to
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Unformatted text preview: equipment is immeasurable. As agriculturalists we are challenged with rising equipment costs, therefore, proper service and maintenance of equipment makes good business sense. Proper operation of equipment is just as important and becomes even more important when personal and public safety is factored in. This laboratory and required reading will introduce students to preventative maintenance schedules and techniques, as well as the proper operation of select equipment. The lab will consist of a required reading quiz, preventative maintenance lab station activities, and equipment operation. The following pages consist of Power Point notes, select readings, and lab sheets. Required Materials : • Eye Protection • Red Rags • Lab Manual...
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