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Multimeter Lab - of situations and components Multimeters...

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A EN 201 – Agricultural Power Units Multimeter / Electrical Troubleshooting Objectives : The Student Will Be Able To: 1. Obtain a score of 75% or greater on a quiz focusing the reading included in this chapter; 2. Describe common measurements made with a multimeter; 3. Define volts, amps, and resistance; 4. Manipulate Ohm’s Law; and 5. Properly set and utilize a multimeter to measure volts, amps, and resistance. Required Reading For Quiz : 1. Materials included in this laboratory chapter I. Introduction : No other piece of equipment exists that is more versatile and effective when troubleshooting electrical components than a digital multimeter. This device is frequently used across numerous disciplines to take measurements from a wide range
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Unformatted text preview: of situations and components. Multimeters can range from the inexpensive and simplistic to the costly and highly technical, but all perform the same basic functions which allow them to be excellent troubleshooting tools. This laboratory and required reading will introduce students to troubleshooting electrical equipment with digital multimeters. The lab will consist of a required reading quiz, preventative electrical measurement lab station activities, and an operation lecture. The following pages consist of Power Point notes, select readings, and lab sheets. Required Materials : • Eye Protection • Calculator • Red Rags • Lab Manual...
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