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Unformatted text preview: The 4-Stroke Engine: The Introduction: (3) q The 4 “Strokes”: (4) q The 4-Stroke Engine The q Stroke Breakdown: (18) – – – – Intake: Compression: Power: Exhaust: Four Stroke Cycle Animation Four q Four Stroke Spark Ignition Engine High Performance Application High 4-Stroke Engine 4-Stroke q Valve Operation During a Cycle: (4) q Briggs & Stratton 3hp Engine: (3) q Firing Order: (4) (exercise) q 4-Stroke Characteristics: (12) The 2-Stroke Cycle Engine: The Introduction: (3) q Strokes: (2) q No Valve Mechanisms: (3) q 2-Stroke Engine 2-Stroke q Stroke Breakdown: (11) – Power: – Compression: Differences Between The 2 & 4 Stroke: (3) q Advantages of the 2-Stroke: (8) q Disadvantages of the 2-Stroke: (6) q Rotary Combustion Engines: Rotary q Introduction: (5) Rotor Visual & Explanation Rotor Anatomy Continued Anatomy Rotary Combustion Engines: Rotary Phases: (4) q Phase Breakdown: (9) q – Intake: – Compression: Compression: – Power: – Exhaust: Intake: Intake: A B Compression: Compression: B A Power: Power: B A Exhaust: Exhaust: A B Rotary Combustion Engines: Rotary q Similarities to a Piston Engine: (4) q Advantages: (9) q Disadvantages: (4) ...
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