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A EN 2013 Agricultural Power Units Technology Project Part I: Find a New Technology with an Ag. Power Company - The new technology may be anything that deals with ag. power. You may select any type of equipment (large or small), implement, etc. that has been engineered with some sort of emerging technology. Example: Combine with built-in GPS system. Part II: Collect Information About the New Technology - Collect pictures, flyers, text, or any other material that might explain the technology. You will also need to interview one of the company’s representatives to find information unique to that product. Part III: Develop a Presentation Display - You will be required to create a display that showcases the new technology that you
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Unformatted text preview: have gathered information over. The display must contain pictures and TYPED descriptions of the new technology and it’s benefits to agriculture. The display needs to be created on no less than one piece of rigid poster board and no more than three pieces (poster board color is your choice). Part IV: Evaluation of the Showcase Display-ALL showcases will be displayed in the hall of the Agricultural building for several days. All displays will look professional. In other words, don’t make me display a poor looking display! Part V: Show Case Display Example Presentation By: John Doe...
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