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Unformatted text preview: Imaging Grant Proposal Presentation Kyle W. McGregor, Ed.D. Objectives • Recent Events & Conversations • 1-2 Week Curriculum Based Upon Today’s Dairy Industry: • Trends & Issues • Rationale Plan of Work • Phase One: • CD-ROM • Materials • Dissemination • Graduate Assistant • Source of Topics • Remaining Phases: • See Table Sample Materials Texas Dairy Industry Facts Texas Dairy Industry Facts Lesson 1: Economic Benefits Environmental Stewardship Texas Water Quality Texas Dairy Industry Facts: Texas Dairy Industry Facts: Economic Benefits A Specific Example: A Specific Example: • Erath County, Texas’ Largest Dairy Erath Producer: Producer: • The Industry accounts for 36% of all The goods produced in the county. ($543 million) million) • $228 million immediately $228 surrounding the county and $772 million across the state. A Specific Example: A Specific Example: • Erath County Employment Due to Erath the Industry: 31% - 5,912 jobs. 31% • 1,980 jobs directly on dairies • 3,932 jobs related to the dairy 3,932 industry industry • 5,014 additional jobs in other 5,014 counties. counties. • 10,926 jobs across the state. • In Erath County, these jobs In account for $123 million in income, A Specific Example: A Specific Example: • Community Support: • Dairy farmers in Erath County directly Dairy pay over $1 million in county taxes. pay • The overall dairy industry in the The county accounts for a total of $9.4 million in taxes. million A Specific Example: A Specific Example: • The “True Impact” of the Dairy The Industry in Erath County. Industry • The loss of a 1,000 cow dairy causes: • A loss of $1.35 million in total personal loss income. income. • $113,238 in tax losses. • 61 dairy or dairy-related jobs. Impact • • • • 897 School Districts 1,176 Campuses 1,536 Teachers 85,000 Agriscience Students • Unduplicated 2001 Data Budget • • • • • • Graduate Assistant Salary: Technology: Blank CD-R: (2,000) Printing Supplies: Booth Space: Future Collaboration? Questions? Thank You! ...
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