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Unformatted text preview: Giving Effective Slide Show Presentations Rule #1: You Are The Presentation • You are the presenter who is giving a presentation! – The Power Point is not the presentation. • Power Point is only a tool in presenting. • Try to utilize a number of visual elaborations, both inside and outside of Power Point. Know Your Audience • Know what is appropriate for the group you are presenting to. – This will tell you how you should “act” during your presentation. • Maintain a professional demeanor at all times. 1 Know Where You Will Present • • • • • • • Room Size? Microphone? Podium? Lighting? AV Equipment? How Many Handouts? Other Equipment Available? Don’t Insult Their Intelligence • Do not read to your audience. – Rather, paraphrase what is said in each point or sentence. – You may want to have short phrases rather than sentences in order to resist the temptation. Don’t Annoy Your Audience • • • • • Transitions Animations Sounds Fonts Use your Power Point Rules 2 Appropriate Dress • Dress appropriately for the occasion: • “You can always take a tie off, but you can never put one on.” – It is always good to over-dress. Speech and Eye Contact • Speak: – – – – Clearly Without Slang Without jargon Without offending any of your audience. – Clearly – Audibly • Look your audience in the eye. • Look at your entire audience. • Avoid Talking to one side of the room. Format of Your Presentation • • • • “Tell’em What You Are Gonna’ Tell’em!” “Tell’em!” “Tell’em What You Told’em!” Questions? – Ask Throughout? – Call For After? – It all depends upon presentation type! 3 Questions & Discussion 4 ...
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