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Name: AS&D 2113 Applied Agricultural Analysis Power Point Test Review Assignment Assignment Due: This assignment is due, through e-mail, by Directions: Follow the steps below in order to create a Power Point presentation that will review you for your power point exam. 1. Open a Power Point presentation and save it as: your last name .test.review.ppt 2. The presentation should be a minimum of 12 slides. 3. The topic of the presentation is to be a new technology or product in agriculture. If you are unfamiliar with a new technology or product, research one. 4. The presentation should have the following: a. At least three different slide layouts.
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Unformatted text preview: b. A design template of your choice that you have modified in some way in the slide master. c. One chart. d. One table. e. Clip art. f. Pictures. g. Slide Transitions. h. Animations. (Animate objects as well as text) i. Word Art & Autoshapes. j. Utilization of alignment, grouping, arrangement, and rotation tools in the drawing tool bar. k. All rules should be followed. (i.e. 6x6, colors, fonts, animations, etc.) 5. Know how to operate the program. a. Use different views b. Add and delete slides c. Utilize the masters d. Use the drawing tool bar. 6. Look through your notes. If you can do everything that we did in class, you should do well on the test....
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